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Johnny Harra is very special to me. I had heard about him throughout my life growing up, and had seen him in the movie “This is Elvis”.
A few years ago a friend of mine Mr. Charlie Estepp made it possible for me to become friends with Johnny. I will forever be thankful to Charlie.

Johnny and I spoke on the phone and got to know each other. What we exchanged I’d rather not share because it was between two friends and the words spoken I hold close to my heart.
I can tell you he was the sweetest, loving, and most  generous man I’ve ever known. He has been mistaken for Elvis, and  after getting to know him I can totally understand why.

If any human being could ever be a finger print of Elvis, it would have had to have been Johnny. It’s like as if they shared the same soul. His voice was so much like Elvis, the first time we spoke I almost dropped the phone, I became very nervous and quiet and Johnny asked me why, when I told him it was because he sounded so much like Elvis, he just laughed and said “Honey, I’m just a man”,
he immediately put me at ease and we really began to talk. He had such a presence about him and  the charisma he gave off came right through the phone.  I have to say he had me at “Hello”!

There was a couple of times we spoke on the phone and he sang to me, it was so cute, I had told him I was just watching “Frankie and Johnny” and he sang a chorus, only changed the words to “Sandi and Johnny were lovers oh lordy how they could love” and When he had asked me to come to his home I told him I had a little girl I would have to bring, he was totally fine with that and went into the song “I Can Help”…..
He had such a great sense of humor as well. My only regret is, we did not have more time together.
Still, Johnny didn’t just “make my day”,” he made my life”.
I have been through a lot of personal pain in my life and when Johnny heard of this and my love for Elvis, he wanted to talk with me.
Believe me, I am no one special at all, yet he took the  time out of his life, for me.
I’ll never forget him and he will always hold a special place in my heart right there beside Elvis!

This site is my tribute to Johnny and my way of saying “Thank You” to him.
I welcome any of you who would like to share your memories of Johnny here with me.
All comments will be approved by myself first because I will not allow anyone to say anything negative about Johnny (or Elvis). They deserve everyone’s respect and I will  see to it they get that here.

“I Love You Johnny”

67009_10151488023203536_146611953_nGreat Movie Starring Johnny Harra



My Personal Video For Johnny

This is my own personal view of Johnny and I wanted to share it, Johnny was an Angel and I miss him deeply!

I was talking to Johnny one evening and  in our conversation he asked what my favorite Elvis song was.
I told him that I loved them all so much that I wouldn’t be able to narrow it down to just one.
I said  it would be easier if I told you which song I wish he had recorded, which was the song “Honey” . Johnny laughed and said Well Honey, I did record it and sent me the c.d.

We talked for hours that night , I feel very blessed to have had the chance to get to know him before he passed away, that is why this song is so special to me.

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“Johnny Harra”

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10393985_629946697116492_1152881299594830090_nTAKING CARE OF JOHNNY ~ ALWAYS!

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  1. Diane (Tobin) Freitas says:

    I am an old girlfriend of Johnnys from before, during and after the Silvererbird. He was a great guy and I have so many great memories of time we spent together. I can’t believe he’s not with us anymore, it makes me so sad. He will be missed very much by many people. Diane

  2. Charlie says:

    Words cant describe Johnny Harra however if you knew him your heart sure could.I will always cherish the times we had together.Johnny was the person who could always make things better on a bad day.Myself and family will never forget you will always have the most love and respect for you.You were part of our family..As you asked the last time I talked to you to never forget you I can tell you I wont.Its up to us to let you die..If we hold you close to our heart and keep your memory alive you will live forever..And buddy I promise you will. I love you and miss you more everyday not a day will go by with out thinking of you.I will love you forever intill i get to see you again I LOVE YOU. Adios.

    • Sandi says:

      I agree with you Charlie, words cannot describe Johnny but like you said your heart sure can. I will remember him always and never a day goes by that I dont think about him. He will forever hold a very special place in my heart, for now and into eternity I pray I get to see him on the other side. “Love and Miss You Johnny”

      • Abbi. says:

        Johnny is very special, and has a very very special place in our hearts. R.I.P. Johnny, we miss you everyday of our life :)

  3. jim kern says:

    Johnny it was great knowing you and I want to thank you for recording my song Is The King Still Alive I think he did thru you bud Thanks again …Jim Kern

  4. Beth says:

    I live only a few miles from where Johnny is buried. I would like to go a visit his grave and leave some flowers. I do not know where his grave is located so I need your help in finding it. They will not disclose that information since I am not a family member. If you can give me some landmarks I can surely locate it. There was not enough for me to go on in the No Flowers site. Please give me somemore information so I can go visit. I was a huge fan and saw him several times in Vegas. I have tried to follow him through the years. Sadly enough I am just learning of his death. Any help you can give me would be great. I can gladly take some pictures for you also.

    • Sandi says:

      Beth I added a link on the post about no flowers on Johnnys grave to a virtual gravesite that I set up for Johnny and at the bottom of the page it gives the information you need.
      Thank you so much, I will appreciate it deeply if you put flowers on his grave.

      • Christiana S. says:

        You are so awesome for helping me solve this mystery about Johnny.

      • Brenda Estes says:

        how did mr johnny end up passing away with nothing to bury him? I hope all these people that loved him contributed, as I am sure they did, I loved the names of his children. RIP Mr. Johnny

  5. Ray says:

    I never got to see Johnny, I wish i had, But I hope to be able to know him through his close friends & family. a lot of people loved him, & i can see why. From what everyone say’s, he was as close to the “Real Elvis” as anything I have ever known. His love for his fans , I heard the true story about Johnny giving his car to a woman on the side of the highway on a very very hot afternoon in Texas, She was walking carrying her infant son, I heard Johnny just pulled over & asked to take her where she was going. Then he just decided to give her his car, so she didn’t have to ever walk again. He sounded like a Godsend to so many people. I hope to help keep his memory alive, just as I try to keep Elvis alive in my tribute shows. Love ya all, God Bless, Ray

    • CHARLIE.ESTEPP. says:

      Ray I can tell you that happen because I was really tired from walking lol. He had a heart of gold and would and did give his last $20 dollars to help someone. Johnny had many friends in his life most witch used him for there own glory very sad a man with a heart the size of Texas had so many in his life like this. Johnny was a special person and not for Elvis but because of who he was and how he lived his life. He got happiness from making everyone else happy and if he was having the worst day he still made everyone he came in contact with happy and always did what ever it took to put a smile on their face. That is the type of person Johnny was. I will do all I can for the rest of my life to keep his memory and the type of person he was alive forever.

  6. Fern says:

    I met Johnny when he was performing at the
    Silverbird— we became good friends he always had
    An ear to listen to my problems I was going
    Through a divorce at the time we spent more
    Time on the phone than we did getting together
    I will always remember his kind words and his
    Kind heart to me and others that was who he was
    A very loving man besides being an amazing
    Entertainer He will be missed RIP xoxo Fern

  7. Diana Romero Rodriguez says:

    I grew up knowing Johnny Harra , I was about 9 years old when my oldest sister and mom had started the very first fan club for Johnny Harra. It was called: “THE JOHNNY HARRA BURNING LOVE FAN CLUB” it was in Boulder Colorado my sister Annette Romero at the time was the president of the fan club. We had the most awesome experience . Johnny Harra stayed at our home and we would go to the night clubs where he performed and watched, and screamed as he would throw scarves out into the audience. We all loved him very much, we too have our own memories of Johnny Harra,
    And he will forever be in our hearts as well. I’m 45 years old now and I am so excited that he made it big . We all knew he would someday. We love and miss you Johnny!!!!

    • Sandra Lozano says:

      Diana, I remember that, I was just web surfing and found this. I didn’t know, he was really a great person. I remember he performed at the blue note.

  8. Dede Maisto says:

    Johnny was awesome! He is missed very much!!!!

  9. K. Miller says:

    Johnny was so awesome, I was lucky enough to see him live once, Ive also seen Elvis live as well. Seeing Johnny was just like being at an Elvis concert. Miss you Johnny!

  10. Maria says:

    What a beautiful memorial for Johnny! Im so happy to see someone doing this for him. I didnt know him but did see him in concert, all I could think was “wow” he was soooo much like Elvis, I kind of always wondered if maybe he was. I guess thats wishful thinking. Johnny will be miss by many. R.I.P. Johnny

  11. Abbi. says:

    I love Johnny Harra, and he’s a great singer, All the stuff you posted is awesome, and terrific, R.I.P. Johnny, we miss you. :)

  12. Juan Maline says:

    Johnny was definitely the next best thing to the real deal. Rest In Peace Johnny

  13. Barry Porter says:

    The world was crushed by the untimely death of Elvis; but God was gracious. To ease the pain, the Lord hand picked Johnny Harra to stand in the gap. And what a gap he filled.

    Johnny became Elvis! How great is our God? He did not leave us comfortless.

    Johnny is gone and we are not without his presence. Through his recordings and his videos, Johnny once again takes the stage. But that one question remains: Is it Elvis or is it Johnny? Forever yours Johnny, Barry Porter.

  14. ErnestTovar-Elvis says:

    I didn’t know Johnny personally but I watched a video where some folks were having an argument over a scarf he handed out. all of a sudden he sees what’s going on and stops the music. he directs himself to the two folks arguing and goes on tell them that’s it’s not nice to fight and argue over the scarf and hands the one that didn’t have one and settle the argument…I thought that was so kool of him to take the time to help settle that nonsense man!!!

    Go Johnny, God Bless Him…Ernest

    • Brenda Estes says:

      I believe elvis did the same thing at his concert! and he gave a car to a lady sitting on a bench outside the car dealership, I think that’s where it was. and I hate to admit it, but until now, all my attention has been on everything elvis, I never heard of Johnny. I really never paid too much attention to the elvis impersonators, but Mr. Johnny had it nailed!

  15. Lil darlins says:

    we will miss you

  16. Dori Peach says:

    Love your website! I always thought Johnny was the best ETA ever, he was so much like Elvis, it really makes you wonder.

  17. Alexander Krulik says:

    Awesome Website! Johnny was the next best thing to Elvis! Looking forward to more posts

  18. Sandra Desoto says:

    I never got the chance to meet Johnny in person, I did see him on T.V. and watched him in This Is Elvis, makes ya wonder if that was a subtle hint…..he was so much like Elvis.

  19. Susie Ellis says:

    Although I never got to meet Johnny he had such a beautiful voice and sounded just like Elvis. R.I.P. Johnny

  20. Debbie Taylor Beal says:

    You were So Great in life I Never thought We would Lose You So Soon..Not Fair I Never got to tell You Goodbye..But am privileged that I Knew you Since 1988..Met you at The Weatherford Texas Opry on my 29th Birthday and Never to This Day have I EVER Met Anyone Like You Johnny..You Gave Your All To Everybody and Some Didn’t realize Just What a wonderful Person You Were! I Did..I Just didn’t Get to See you As often as I would have Loved to..You Did your Music So Beautifully..We still Listen to your CD’S and it’s hard to Listen Knowing I or We can’t tell you AGAIN how Wonderful you Sound..Well I Could Go on and On About how you Touched Our Lives..But I Loved you From the Very First time We Met You Johnny!! You Were and Still are Like Family..I miss you Just Knowing I cant talk to you..And You may be Gone from Here on This earth.. But We Will NEVER EVER Forget You! <3 <3 Love Debbie

  21. Wanda says:

    Had A Chance To Hear Johnny On Tribute Stage And He Was A Great And Awesomeee Singer This Is Something Very Special That One Did For Him Ive Heard Stories About Him But Never Got To See Him In Person We Missed You A Lot On The Stage And Will Miss You Always May You Sing With The Angels Johnny We Loved And Miss You Very Much R I P Always And Forever In Our Hearts Love Wanda

  22. Jimmy says:

    I really like what you are doing for Mr. Harra, Im so glad I found your website. Please keep it up.

  23. matt elvis wheeler says:

    that is 1 of the best ELVIS act i’ve heard in a long time sorry to hear he is not hear any more.He is with the KING now ELVIS .

  24. Paul Green says:

    Nice to see what youre doing here in Johnny’s memory………Im sure he is looking down and smiling!

  25. Lisa Marie says:

    I really wish that everyone who knew my dad could put one dollar to put towards his headstone so that whom ever wanted to visit his grave site would know where to go!!! I would pay for it myself but life has been very difficult for me right now!!! I do know that they did a show and it was suppose to be for my dad’s headstone i thought!!! WOW!!!! I get so tired of people sayin they will do whatever they can and dont do nothing!! So to those people dont say anything at all!!!! And to my Daddy i hope you are resting peaceful and i am so sorry for all the stupid drama!!!!! I love you so very much!!!!

    • Sandi says:

      Lisa, I did send money towards your Dads funeral, My husband had lost his job but we still sent money and flowers, and after I saw his headstone was still not paid for I paid the balance off. Im sorry there is so much drama surrounding your dad. He was awesome and Ill love him forever!

  26. Patty Sheem says:

    I was on a site called IHEARTELVIS.NET which I followed a link to this site, I had never really listened to Johnny Harra til now, my God he sounds just like Elvis!

  27. Megan Hall says:

    This is the sweetest site Ive seen for Johnny yet…….Good work hun!

  28. reverbnation says:

    Great site you have here for Mr. Harra

  29. Joe Inacio says:

    you’ll be missed! ONE OF BEST OF ALLTIME!!!!

  30. Veronica Thompson says:

    Wow listening to Johnny on you tube and that amazing voice its hard to tell the difference between Johnny and Elvis…… R.I.P. Johnny…

  31. Val Blackstone says:

    I never had the pleasure of meeting Johnny,,i would just like to add my name to the wonderful tributes left for him. I hope that if his family or friends see all the glowing remarks made in his memory it will give some comfort.
    There is no right time to go,,i pray that for johnny he is with Elvis and all the greats that sadly left us all to soon,
    R. I.P. Johnny i salute you.

  32. Cynthia Ericson says:

    What A Beautiful Tribute To Johnny, God Bless His Friends And Family, especially whoever made this site for him.

  33. Cathy Baise says:

    Finally a website with some real info about Johnny Harra, its very hard to find anything about him, thank you so much I really enjoyed reading all of this and all the pictures, he will be missed very much.

  34. stephen musson says:

    although i did not know him he was FANTASTIC in this is elvis R.I.P. xxx

  35. Marlene Garton. says:

    I did’nt know who Johnny Harra with living in England but because of Sandi i am able to read about this man and listen to his music , i have never ever seen anyone else that looks so much like Elvis.!! It is so very sad that he is no longer here but through Sandi and many others his memory will live on . I will continue to look at pictures of Johnny and listen to his music. Thank you Sandi. Love Marlene xxxx

  36. Kendra Shaw says:

    Johnny was absolutely a beautiful man! I was able to see him i concert one time in Texas, man was he like Elvis, gave ya the same feeling Elvis did. I had always wanted to ask if maybe he was really Elvis.

  37. Sherilyn Mason says:

    You can definitely see your Love for Mr Harra, I think that is wonderful, he seemed to be a wonderful person just like Elvis.

  38. Darlene Shay says:

    So sad the world lost Elvis then Johnny, nothing will ever be the same. Beautiful men with beautiful voices and hearts of gold. Its hard to believe they were two different people.

  39. Cindy Crouch says:

    I met Johnny Harra when I was 10 years old. The Smith Family became his friends. He was such a very nice and wonderful man. We went over to his house and he would come over to our house. We always went to see him perform on stage. He was so much like Elvis, He could have been his twin. And He sounded so much like him too. We really loved Johnny for just being hisself. He will be truly missed everyday. I wish I knew where his grave was located so I could put flowers on his grave to myself. He was a very special friend to our family. We really do miss him! I hope the family is doing fine through this tough time. Rest in peace Johnny!!

  40. Kiersten Sumerall says:

    R.I.P Mr Harra, you are missed very much!

  41. Lesley Frullate says:

    Johnny Harra totally leaves me speechless, I listened to the videos you have posted on here, I couldnt believe how much he looks and sounds like Elvis. I’m sorry he is gone you seem to miss him so much, but selfishly I wish he were still here I would love to be able to see him perform live.

  42. Timothy Girsch says:

    Hello, First I want to say how sorry I am you lost your friend who obviously meant the world to you. Second I’d like to thank you for honoring him this way, I was only lucky enough to see him once wish it would have been more, wow what a talent. The world truly did lose a shining star.

  43. Kevin Kimbrough says:

    Saw Johnny in This is Elvis, gotta thank him for giving us fans a small glimpse of what the upstairs at Graceland looks like behind those locked doors, RIP Johnny “TCB”

    Kevin K.

  44. Magdalena Craig says:

    Hello, i am Magdalena Craig and I’ve got to state that ” Johnny Harra The Legend – In memory of Johnny ” is truly a tremendous Website.

    • M. Tillis says:

      Sandi, very nice site. Tell Charlie I will be back in Fl in October I will give him a call. I knew Johnny pretty well. The last time we talked he talked about you I can tell he loved you, as much as you loved him. I know how very proud you made him. Keep doing what your doing and being yourself God has a big plan for you. Take Care . M-Tillis.

  45. Tom Dieherd says:

    I appreciate that you have this website for Johnny Harra, its so hard to find anything about him.

  46. tara carlos says:

    Johnny Harra…..Is Deeply Missed But Not Forgotten He is Singin In Heaven With The Angels He Is Loved Always And Forever,Rest In Peace Johnny We Love You.

  47. April Sheeley King Hoover says:

    I am in a kind of shock as I knew Johnny very well for a period in Las Vegas. I met him when he was at the Mint and we dated a few times. I knew him at the Silver Bird when his life was threatened and when he was in the hospital and when he got out he came to see me. We lost contact over the years but I never forgot him. He was everything I felt Elvis Presley would have been. He was a perfect gentleman and very polite. My mother said she always knew when he called the house, that it was him because he sounded so much like Elvis. I had even met his daughter, Lisa Marie and his mother and father. Somehow at that time, when I was so heartbroken over the death of Elvis, he made up for it. I actually thought, for years, that maybe he really was Elvis and this was his way of continuing to perform without all the fans destroying his life. I am very saddened by his passing….I will, indeed, miss him terribly. I feel like I have lost “my Elvis”! I will always love him for the wonderful entertainer and person he was! R.I.P. my friend!
    Eternal Love

  48. Bruce "Aaron" Black says:

    Johnny was performing at a hotel lounge near the DFW airport when Elvis died. I saw him a few nights later with a few girls I knew, Donna and Colleen. We went back again and again as his engagement was extended. Neither of the girls were big Elvis fans before, but I think they saw in Johnny the spark that I had seen in Elvis. They became big fans of Johnny’s (and Elvis) and we got to hang out with Johnny backstage as his fame grew in the Dallas area. (Mostly them, I was a guy, but I still got invited a few times.) For some reason, I vividly recall one time when we stopped by to give him a cake Donna had made. He had just come from a show in Big Springs and was sick to his stomach for some reason. Even then, he stayed in character. He was lying on a couch when Donna gave him the cake and he said in a perfect Elvis drawl, “Thank you darling, but I’m sick as a dog right now.”
    I married Donna in 1979 and we moved from Dallas. We never saw him again but we have thought about him many times over the years. Ironically, I am now an ETA and Donna runs my show and sings backup. It’s funny how the world turns. I know that Johnny’s show played a part in that, especially in helping Donna become a fan of Elvis like I was. We will miss him. Our heart goes out to his family, but I just wanted you to know the impact he had on us. TCB

  49. We are Ruth Ann and Dwight Beaver says:

    My husband Dwight and his twin brother Dwayne Beaver was married to Ruth Loftis and her and her cousin Larel are Johnny Hara’s 3rd. cousin and they lived in Kansas city. My husband said when they were in their teans Johnny would take him and his twin for a ride in his convertable and he would stop in the middle of the street and sit up on the back of the car and sing Elvis songs. At the time Johnnie was Harry J.; At one time he asked Dwayne and Dwight to be his body guards; but they couldn’t because they moved a lot. Funny thing is I used to work for Dave Hodges another Elvis impersonator here in Colo. Spgs., Colo. where Dwight and I now live. There was a lady from Hawaii who held authentic lu Auw in the hills east of Colo. Spgs. in Payton Colo. ; I was able to get Dave Hodges booked with her parties. Now I have a new friend who’s husband is an Elvis impersonator. Going a little beyond that Dwight’s step brothers daughters friend is the cousin to Brad Pit I just thought I’d throw that in. Funny HUH? I Ruth Ann was also involved for 6 years in the Is Elvis alive Club, It was one of the most interesting involvements I’ ever experienced in my life. I was living a real live mystery. What a small world we live in. Chow Ruth Ann

  50. We are Ruth Ann and Dwight says:

    My husband Dwight and his twin brother Dwayne was married to Ruth Loftis and her and her cousin Larel are Johnny Hara’s 3rd. cousin and they lived in Kansas city. My husband said when they were in their teans Johnny would take him and his twin for a ride in his convertable and he would stop in the middle of the street and sit up on the back of the car and sing Elvis songs. At the time Johnnie was Harry J.; At one time he asked the twins to be his body guards; but they couldn’t because they moved a lot. Funny thing is I used to work for Dave Hodges another Elvis impersonator. There was a lady from Hawaii who held authentic lu Auw in the hills . I was able to get Dave Hodges booked with her parties. Now I have a new friend who’s husband is an Elvis impersonator. Going a little beyond that Dwight’s step brothers daughters friend is the cousin to Brad Pit I just thought I’d throw that in. Funny HUH? I Ruth Ann was also involved for 6 years in the Is Elvis alive Club, It was one of the most interesting involvements I’ ever experienced in my life. I was living a real live mystery. What a small world we live in. Chow Ruth Ann

  51. carman fiore says:

    I met johnny in 1978 i was 18 at the time i will always remember what he said and for that i went to every show at the silverbird ,He said Ladys and Gentlemen if i made one person happy tonight i did my job………and when the whole audience stood up for a standing ovation, it brought me to tears,,, love you johnny allways will remember you….. Carman in Cleve,oh

  52. Denise Johnson says:

    It seeemed as if he was meant to follow in Elvis footsteps as he did just that. I became a fan of Johnny”s back in the 70s and always will be a fan. There are Elvis impersonators but none that will ever compare to Johnny, we lost a good man 2 yrs ago and he will never be forgotten as Elvis will never be forgotten. I hope he is up in heaven singing with Elvis now and havin a good time, it is a shame that he is gone with all the talent he had but God needed him and took him. Two years have gone by now and he is with us on a daily basis I can hear him just as I hear Elvis singing. God Bless you Johnny and God bless Elvis.

    Denise Johnson

  53. I was very fortunate to see Johnny several times, the first being at the Holiday Inn at DFW airport and my heart nearly stopped as Johnny took the stage, he was so much like Elvis i could not believe it. He sang and looked so much like Elvis he was just wonderful. But its a shame that he could not be recognized for the sing he was himself.
    I followed Johnny to several places where he sang and he gave it his all.
    I sincerely hope his family is ok.
    Johnny thanks for being the person you was
    God bless you

  54. Gary Weaver says:

    Awesome site my friend for an awesome man! Mr Harra was exceptionally talented as close to Elvis as you’re ever gonna get.

  55. Chole Wells says:

    Lovin this site! Theres not much out there in honor of Johnny Im so glad I happened upon this site, youre doing a great job, keep it up, lord knows he deserves it

  56. Nancy Yates says:

    An absolute lovely site Sandi, the love you have have for your dear friend Johnny really shines through. I bet he is looking down smiling. Thank You for sharing this on Face Book, I wouldn’t have known about Johnny if it wasn’t for you. Yore a very sweet and thoughtful friend I can see why Johnny loved you as well.

  57. Liz Crohn says:

    Sandi Im amazed at how much Johnny was like Elvis Im so glad you shared all this with me. I see why you love him so much, it really shows here hun. I wish I could have known Johnny as well.

  58. Cybil Statton says:

    Beautiful Memorial Site! Johnny you are obviously loved and missed by many.

  59. Ray Wills says:

    I’m not really into ETA’s its always been the real deal or nothing but the posts you made about Mr. Harra on face book intrigue me to say the least. Gotta say this dude was different from the rest. There’s something about his eyes. Makes ya feel you’re lookin at Elvis. Too bad Mr. Harra isn’t still around I would have really liked seeing him perform.

  60. Dana King says:

    Really touching website, I had never heard of Johnny until I saw you post on Face Book about him. I honestly came here out of curiosity and I’m leaving a fan. Thank You Sandi for opening my eyes to him.

  61. A Friend says:

    Much appreciation for the great job you’re doing here in Johnny’s memory. He really deserves it!

  62. Sonny Syski says:

    I had to opportunity to see Johnny in Houston,and I’ll tell you for sure he really looked like Elvis. He made a good double for him. Really liked his music and the man. I hope that he is now resting in peace. He is sadly missed.

  63. Brian Templeton says:

    Sorry this is a little long, but I thought some of you J.H. fans might enjoy this. I’m a “Little Person” (a dwarf) and back in the 80s and early 90s, I had an all “Little People” Band. We were called the “Best Little Band in Texas”. (Of course as far as we knew we were the only little band in Texas. :-) We performed all kinds of music, and of course we did a lot of Elvis music. I sung all the Elvis songs. I have always been a huge Elvis fan. I learned to play guitar when I was a kid just listening and playing along to his songs. We played all over the Dallas/Fort Worth area and 1 night in the late 80s in downtown Dallas, Johnny Harra walked into the place where we were playing. (He knew the owner.) He had the “Jumpsuit” so he caught my attention immediately. I knew who he was and had seen him on and saw him on “This is Elvis”. I thought I was going to die! Well, we got him to come up and do a few songs with us and I got to sing a couple of songs with him as well. It was the greatest musical night of my life. He was great! It was the next best thing to actually playing with Elvis. I never got to see an Elvis concert so this was very cool.

    After our show, Johnny talk to me about the movie, “This is Elvis” and just how much he loved doing it. He also told me that he got to wear Elvis’s real pajamas and described things we did not see in the orginal movie release. I had seen the movie and although I did not say anything, I could not figure out some of what he was telling me. Many years later I saw the re-release of “This is Elvis” and where they put some of those scenes back in the movie that Johnny told me about.

    About a year before he died, the owner of a local Opry house here in the Dallas where we use to play and where Johnny had performed a few times in the past few years had been trying to get he and I together again to perform at his Opry. But Johnny was ill a good bit that last year and we never could make it work. I would have loved to have performed with him again. I will never forget him and that night I got perform with him.

  64. Jack Kemp says:

    Ran into Mr Harra in Hawaii once a long time ago, not too long after Elvis passed, my wife and I about had a heart attack just seeing him, then when he spoke we both must have looked like we had seen a ghost, got chills. After checking things out here on your site, Im more convinced than ever he somehow was really Elvis, there is just no way two people could be so alike.

  65. eric jason flum says:

    well meet him in 94 at a steve west show got herd him sing to me it was so cool herd sing to me talk this elvis move did

  66. Julie W. says:

    Sandi I love this website! Im so glad Johnny has you to keep his memory going in such a beautiful way. Take Care hun, Julie

  67. Kelly Perkins says:

    Miss ya, Johnny…loved all the shows we did together!!

  68. Don Simmons says:

    I’ve known Johnny since the early 80’s. He was always the same everytime I
    saw him. The last time I visited with him was about a year before his death.
    I had him come to our home town to perform at my daughters bridal rehearsal
    dinner. He was a natural entertainer. May God Bless Him & Family.

  69. Jesse P. says:

    Thank you for honoring Johnny he truly deserves it. I really enjoyed looking through your site.

  70. Tony Mills says:

    Terrific site you have here for Mr Harra, I had the pleasure of seeing him in concert twice in Texas. Fantastic performer he did Elvis proud best Impersonator Ive ever seen.

  71. Lois stinnett says:

    I met johnny at the silverbird in vegas, loved his show. I kept in touch with him until he passed away. I have CD s and a DVD he sent me, and scarfs and his movie, this is Elvis. I miss him so much. Rip johnny!

  72. Garald chambers says:

    Harry or Johnny is was my cousin he lived with us for a while when I was about 10 I miss him and the rest of his family that has passed on

  73. Tammy cox says:

    I miss you!

  74. David Edgar says:

    He seemed so real. Im sure there are many, but do you have s favorite “next to carry the torch” Sandi?

  75. Andrea Keenan says:

    I’ve been following a few pages on facebook that are claiming Elvis is alive and they all mention Johnny Harra. After looking over your site, I have to admit it has put doubt in my mind if Elvis died in 1977 or not. Johnny Harra REALLY looks like Elvis especially the eyes with maybe a little plastic surgery even with plastic surgery you cant really change those eyes. What I don’t understand is why do they claim he is alive if Johnny has passed away already.
    Ive read over and over how Elvis’s best friends and family say he died so it must be true, but if he had to fake his death why on earth would they say he didn’t? Of course they would keep his secret, probably got payed off by EPE to keep quiet as well. Very interesting to say the least!

  76. Richard Gray,,,,,,Festus, Mo. says:

    I knew Johnny back in the early 1980’s. I serviced his vehicles, along with his friends which he would always pay for them also. We became friends and I was invited to his home for a visit a time or two. I remember the gates out front and seeing all the “Elvis” stuff when I walked in. (I didn’t know what he did yet, although I always thought he looked like Elvis),,,,,,,,,I ask him what he did and he just said “I sing Elvis songs”. ,,,,,,,,,I went to a show and was amazed! He was the greatest guy I’ve ever known.

  77. Mike Aldrich says:

    Harry please rip never forget when we stayed on 28th and blaisdel ave Minneapolis Minnesota and the police said we had to walk your bulk lab at a m cause you were. Stopping traffic. Lol. Remember the quarters my Friend. Bless u harry

  78. KATHY COBERT says:

    I met Johnny[Harry} when he lived close to Frisco Tx. I lived in The Colony Tx. I saw him at the hospital in Carrollton Tx. he had been in an accident . When he checked in he said he was Harry Lovett . I had woked in Irving for Jeanie Hulsey in her hair salon Golden Traingle and a promoter of him as Johnny Harra. He and I talked and I told him I was from Memphis Tnn. and Elvis had died on my birthday Aug 16, 1977 . I ask hom if he would send me an autographed picture of him as Johnny Harra and he did I still have it today!!! He was the closest impersonator I had ever seen and was so nice to me as we talked in the emergency room. His injury was minor ,mainly check up!!!! I will never forget him!!!

  79. Gracie Biggs says:

    Ive been following all those pages on fb and website about Elvis being alive. If he is or was beyond 77 Im really thinking he was Johnny. Two people dont look so much alike unless their related he had to have been Elvis or Jesse

  80. Shelly Wolcott says:

    Never in my life have I seen someone look so much like Elvis! OMG he is just like him look at his hands his eyes the way he talks and sings.

  81. Dewey Hanson says:

    Had the pleasure of seeing Mr Harra live in Texas, Great performer!!

  82. Tommie Nylan says:

    Looks like Elvis to me! Its a shame he has passed away without people knowing.

  83. Eunice Birnie says:

    I had to come check this site out, Ive always believed Elvis did not die in 1977. I have been seeing a lot of pictures of Johnny Harra all over facebook on those Elvis dead or alive pages, some saying Johnny was Elvis. After looking at all of his photos very carefully and comparing his hands and smile and especially the eyes, I’m thinking the same thing. I can’t figure out how exactly but I really do think Johnny was Elvis. I just wish I had known before he passed away. God Bless you for honoring him with this website, it is beautiful!

  84. Garret Cooke says:

    Man this is so damn eerie…its like looking at Elvis. I’m sorry to say I never even heard of Johnny Harra until I saw him on fb then I decided to google him and found this site. Wish I could have met the guy.

  85. George Kelly says:

    Such a shock ! Wondering how CJ is doing back in Kansas City ? I played piano behind him during a few of his tributes. Once CJ and Johnny came to Jerry’s Steak House to hear me and Debbie play and sing. I tried to get him up to do a number but he Declined. I believe he did not want to steal the lime-light from us on stage. He was very kind and considerate. GK

  86. ROBERT YOST says:


  87. Sharon Gheen says:

    I went up on stage and danced with Johnny in Denver Colorado about 40 years ago, a guy was coming to stop me but Johnny said let her come up, I know there was pictures taken but never saw them, wish I had seen them. I went to see an Elvis impersonator and it made me think of Johnny Hara so came home and looked him up was sad to see he passed away.RIP Johnny Hara

  88. R.I.P. King Man s Man. JG

  89. Daniel Selby says:

    Had the pleasure to back up Johnny in a show we did when he came to Louisville Ky. to visit his brother CJ. People flipped out when they saw and heard him ,CJ was doing Elvis shows with us at the time and when Johnny came to visit we practiced in my basement two hours and did a pop up show the next night ,packed the place.He was having problems with arthritis and could hardly walk but when the show started you would have thought he was 18 he was amazing.Only time I got to meet him but talked with him on the phone a few times .He was crazy about his daughter.His brother CJ truly and dearly misses Johnny and if you get a chance and ever in Ky.come see one of our shows with Cj not Johnny but not shabby either lots of Fun.Please remember CJ in your prayers he loved his big brother and you have an amazing site GREAT<GREAT job.

  90. Grandpa Jones says:

    Awesome website! Johnny was so much like Elvis it was eerie.

  91. Carrie moon -H says:

    First off all what a beatiful dedication to the one and only Johnny Harra!!!! You’ve done an awesome job honoring Johnny’s memory I know he would be proud . I had the pleasure off knowing Johnny most my life. I didn’t pay to much attention or appriciate what our friendship would become until later when I got older. Johnny and my daddy Joe and mama Donna had been friends along with my brother Gregg for years .Off all places it started at a swap meet called “Pate”. We would go every year since I was a little girl. I would see Johnny say hi and run off to play. He would come to my mom and daddy’s house up till the horrible year he died. I had gotten so close to him by this time when I got the phone call he had passed, I was in total shock and disbelief. I had just talked to him a couple days before. We would talk and see each other often . He and my daddy would stay on the phone for long periods off time. During their conversations Johnny would tell my daddy to hold on he had another call. What’s funny is when talking to him he’d say hold one if not a million times someone always wanting to talk to him! Johnny was like family when it came to the Joe and Donna Moon family . We would start off in sept then Oct work our way thru the months to celebrate birthday parties end up celebrating my daughter and his together.Thier birthdays were just few days apart.Thank GOD I recorded everyone !!! These were special parties at my mom and daddy’s house with just my mom,daddy my brother,husband, my nephew and my three kids whom Johnny adored . we built so many memories that I will treasure forevever !
    Johnny had a flawless voice and a heart off gold .Every time in person or on phone we all know at some point the beautiful singing voice would come out. I always would ask him to sing “MIDNIGHT” over and over again. One day in the mail I had received a package as many times before .This time I recognize his handwriting but wasn’t expecting a package from him usually he’d tell me if he was sending something . I opened it up and he had recorded midnight and dedicated it to me. I called him with a smile on my face . when he answed there was No hello he said like an excited little boy “DID YOU GET IT ,DID YOU GET PACKAGE I SENT ,YOU SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN IT” I replied I just got it. He told me “YOUR GONNA LOVE IT OPEN IT.THEN GO PUT IT ON MAKE SURE YOU TURN THE VOLUME UP HIGHER,NO HONEY HIGHER”. We must have listened to MIDNIGHT RECORDED BY JOHNNY SENT SPECIAL TO ME ONE IF NOT A HUNDRED TIMES THAT DAY! He loved to make people happy . I’m so thankful for the trinkets he gave me over the years have kept each and every thing and every CD that he ever sent me I thank GOD for all of the videos and pictures we have to look at I can still hear and see him any time I want. MOST OFF ALL I THANK GOD FOR PUTTING JOHNNY IN MY LIFE!!! SADLY enough when my daddy passed The hurt was so bad for all of us first time id seen johnnys eyes tear up . NOW GOD BLESS THEM BOTH THEIR WITH GOD AND WE WILL MEET AGAIN. GONE BUT NEVER FORGOTTEN ODD YOU SHOULD MENTION THAT PHRASE ,ITS ON MY DADDYS TOMBSTONE!!!! GOD BLESS YOU AND YUR FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sandi says:

      Hello Carrie,

      Thank you for stopping by and sharing your memories of Johnny. If you ever want to share and photos please let me know, I can watermark them with your name if they arent already and post them with your story.

  92. art keckley says:

    I met Johnny Harra one time in Las Vegas. He was answering phones on the Jerry Lewis MS telethon if I’m not mistaken. He was very nice and kind to me. I was very impressed how wonderfully he did Elvis in every way. He went out his way to shake my hand. I was a 17 year old kid at the time. What a great guy. I never have forgotten him and I never will. We all have been blessed to have known him. Rest in peace.

  93. daniel massey says:

    sorry to hear about johnny I work for him 1985 and1986 he live with me and my wife in irving tx I lost her in 1993 johnny was a good and kind man witch I wood have stayed in touch but I move up around Houston I know he is up there singing to the lord god bless

  94. Olga Catania says:

    I worked at the Mint Hotel when I met Johnny. He was the nicest, kindest man I have ever met. The first night he performed in the lounge I cried listening to him sing. A week later word spread of this incredible performer. The lines for his show were so long night after night. I remember when the President of the Mint gave him a car. We all cried. Such a gracious unassuming man. So sorry to hear of his passing. I feel privileged to have known him and one time calling him our friend from the Mint Hotel.

  95. Charles Williams says:

    My manager & I first saw Johnny at a small club in Denver around early 1976. I normally don’t care for Elvis “impersonators”
    but Johnny was good and well beyond that. You could tell he took it seriously and that he had the singing & entertainment talent to actually pull it off. I would say personally he was the best at it that I ever saw.

    My manager and everyone at the agency that booked him at the time also were unanimous in their opinion that Johnny was not only a pro, but a nice person and a humble gentleman as well, and a pleasure to work with.

    I was sorry to hear of his passing. RIP Johnny – you were the best.

    • Sandi says:

      Thank you for sharing that, I love hearing all the wonderful things folks have to say about him. Johnny was unique, authentic, and had a heart of gold. I personally will miss him for the rest of my life.

  96. Susan Summers says:

    Ive been looking at all the facebook pages and websites claiming Elvis lived past 77 and just ducked out, changed his identity and basically lived right out in the open under our nose. Some claim he is still alive, like the doofus grounds keeper at Graceland, he clearly IS NOT Elvis, but looking at all the info Ive found about Johnny Harra Im inclined to believe He was Elvis, not two men could look so much alike sound so much alike have the same mannerisms etc. God Bless Him for finally finding some freedom. I hope he was happy living as Johnny Harra, lord knows he seemed to be surrounded by people that used him when he was Elvis. I sure wish I could have met him, I know I would have known for sure. Just looking in his eyes, ya just know though, you can’t duplicate that.
    Love this website by the way, you obviously have much love and respect for him God Bless!

  97. Susan Summers says:

    I follow your memorial page for Johnny on facebook. I saw you’ve had some trouble from a few that knew him. Don’t let it bother you hun. I knew Johnny as well and I can’t stand the parasites that surrounded him. The only two that seemed to truly love him was his daughter Lisa and his son. You show him respect and honor him like he deserves, those people hang on to him for the fame. I know the women you spoke of, that Elise, she seems to fabricate a lot of things about her and him now that he is gone and he can no longer dispute any of it. It is a shame she feels the need to attack you, jealousy is what comes to mind. You keep on keeping on. You definitely have my support.

  98. Ray Ellis says:

    I have a ton of Johnny Harra items that were given to me by Johnny Harra, if anyone is interested in these let me know. Johnny Harra always said I had more items on him then he had himself !
    Ray Ellis

  99. Fred Pfeiffer says:

    During the 1980’s I had the chance to watch Johnny perform in Casper, Wyoming. I was employed at the time by KTWO Radio & Television. He agreed to let me cover a story on him and also an extended interview. I have posted it on You Tube. I hope you enjoy it.

  100. Kathy F says:

    Finally found the link to this website, I saw it on Facebook but then couldn’t find it again. Love your Memorial page for Johnny by the way. I knew him personally too! Sorry for the haters, women always fought over him lol.
    Especially the old biddies, they can’t stand the thought that he would like someone else, and most of what he said to them was just blowing smoke up their a**, he was definitely a charmer for sure!
    You hang in there girl and keep on keeping on! Johnny is laughing at those old broads.

  101. Bill Pugh says:

    I met Johnny in Dallas TX. I worked for Mr
    Auto Tint. Johnny brought several cars to me to be tinted and we formed a friendship. Loving the music of Elvis I attended several of his shows in the Dallas area. One particular evening Johnny had put myself and my little brother on the guest list for the show. We arrived at the venue on our motorcycles wearing leather jackets, we went to the door and told the bouncer we were on the list as friends of Johnny. He laughed at us! Finally after arguing with him for too long .I asked him to please get word to Johnny we were outside. Stepping aside to let other folks in we waited. A short while passed and out came Johnny telling the bouncer yes indeed we were friends to step aside and let us in!! He then went and got us a table very close to the front row. At some point in his show he introduced us as personal friends and had us stand up and give the crowd a wave. Great memories indeed. We attended many shows and yes he loved the King dearly. RIP Dear friend!! I know you are part of God’s band now!!

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