Johnny Harra – Photos Through The Years





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  1. Deborah says:

    I do believe Johnny Harra was a sibling of Elvis’ there is too my features that resemble him,the height,eyes,chin,when he was younger his body, you have to be blind to not see this,we have been very blessed to share his beauty,talent,and compassion,too many cashed in on him and he never realized it until it all came crashing down, in one of the fan clubs it is said that Elvis had a sister that was born and died in 1947,named Barbara,and that there are 3 boys,Johnny could be a cover-up name for Jesse Elvis’ twin,that may have not died.There is definitely a mystery to this whole story.I truly believe in my heart that Elvis chose to kill off the performer and continue on to finally start to live like a normal human being.There are people that do know, but will never let the real truth be known.Elvis will never return he knows he will give up all the freedom he has achieved at this point in his life and what good will it do for him.

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