Johnny Harra – This Is Elvis

Johnny Harra - This Is Elvis

If you havent seen the movie “This Is Elvis” I highly recommend that you do.

Below is part one of the movie starring Mr Johnny Harra


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Johnny Harra - This Is Elvis

You can easily find this movie for sale on amazon and among many other places.

To learn more interesting facts about Mr Harra, visit the “Elvis What If ” on facebook

there is a movie to view there in 3 parts.

Johnny Harra

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4 Responses to Johnny Harra – This Is Elvis

  1. Eliza S. says:

    I think there is more to this movie than most people think, I think it was a clue that Elvis was still around!
    Johnny Harra’s performance was outstanding!

  2. E. Hauser says:

    If only people around Mr Harra had filmed and documented more of him so that all of us who didnt know him personally would get to share the memories.

    • Ralph Kona says:

      I had seen a few of the shows of Johnnys back in the day . He was for sure one of a kind. You walk in as a fan and leave as his friend .

  3. Joe Somebody says:

    I also think this movie was a clue. After seeing it I tracked down this Johnny Harra and when I saw him I was in shock. He had the scar over his eye and a scar on the palm of his hand and the same crooked finger. He was with Charlie Hodge and Ronnie Tutt at the time there were a few others but I didn’t know who they were. I asked him was this a clue Elvis was still alive because the name coming across the film as he pulled up to Graceland. He said Elvis died in 77 and at last has peace. We talked some more he invited me to his home in Lancaster when I walked in there were pictures of Elvis Mother and Father and grandma hanging on the wall I didn’t ask why I also looked around the house and saw a tiger that I know was on Elvis TV in the bedroom its even in pictures. I talked to Mr Harra some more and just came out and asked him was he Elvis he looked straight into my eyes and said I’m only Johnny Harra. I let things go didn’t say anymore when I started to leave Mr Harra stopped me and said it was really nice talking with me and come by anytime. As I started to leave he said wait a min I want to show you sometime He had Elvis orig karate card and was telling me about it and he slipped up and said Everyone thought I bought my belts but I really had to earn them. I didn’t catch it until I opened my car door. Mr Harra was walking back up to his front door I yelled Elvis. He stopped turned around and smiled and winked at me. Years later I saw him again on the side of the road I thought he was broke down and pulled off I turned around and went to help I saw him walking back to his car I said is everything ok can I help you he said no I was giving some of the people under the bridge a little money to get something to eat. Then he said hey **** I remember you he didn’t forget me. We talked a bit He told me a lot of the things Elvis had went through with people taking from him and using him This really made him sad. I never saw Mr Harra again after that I know who he was that man was Elvis Presley there are no doubt in my mind It really made me happy to see him out and about just living life and being able to be normal and having peace. I have done some checking and his names Harry J Lovette Johnny Harra are made up his past is made up I was able to get his birth records that’s dated 1/8/1935 and the name harry Lovette and johnny Harra both on there as they have been changed several times.It also shows 5 different ssi # anyone can look this all up and see for there self why all this if he was just a normal person I know why he was really Elvis Presley. God Bless the king of Rock&Roll He never really left the building or us .

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