Official Johnny Harra Tribute Show

The Official Johnny Harra Tribute Show Sponsored By Charlie Estepp Entertainment and Music Country U.S.A.

July 8th, 2011
New Boston, Texas

Featuring: The Johnny Harra Band ( Music Country U.S.A. )
Andy Ray Perry, Erock Haws, Jason Baglio, Ray Covey,
Shelby Dees, Tony Witt, Vince King, and many other guest appearances.
Tickets Go On Sale Soon!

Johnny Harra And His Band Counrty Music U.S.A.

johnny harra band counrty music u.s.a.

Johnny Harra and his Band Country Music U.S.A.

Charlie Estepp and Johnny Harra


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4 Responses to Official Johnny Harra Tribute Show

  1. Lacey Skelp says:

    Wish I could have seen Johnny live, he was so much like Elvis….I always wondered if he was.

  2. Jaylon Daniel says:

    This is an awesome site, you can tell you really care about Mr. Harra, its so nice to something like this for him.

  3. Lowell Beene says:

    I was fortunate to be able to attend this show, I think Mr Harra would have been honored.

  4. David Burks says:

    I miss Johnny very much , I use go to his in Frisco, Tx . visit with him and play cards with his mom . Worked for Johnny doing security at Red Bird Mall , Los Vagas , Kanass in his home town and clubs in Dallas Texas . Johnny also lone me one of his jumpsuits for party my church had for Oct. 31st . Yes I will miss him , if Johnny only knew how I cared for him . His long life friend , David Burks

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